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Shingle backer fiber board is available from Yankocy, to ship throughout the United States.

  1. This Shingle backer fiber board is used as a backing and spacer behind cedar sidewall shakes or shingles.
  2. 3/8" x 15"x48" panels.
  3. 21 pieces per bundle.
  4. 18 bundles per pallet.
  5. We ship only full pallets of 18 bundles.

Shingle backer in use. (sketches below).

Fiberboard (cellulosic fiber) – structural and decorative – is a fibrous-felted, homogeneous panel made from ligno-cellulosic fibers – usually wood  – which has a density of less than 31 lb/ft3 (497 kg/m3), but more than 10 lb/ft3 (160 kg/m3). Fiberboard is characterized by an integral bond which is produced by inter felting the fibers, but which has not been consolidated under heat and pressure as a separate stage in manufacture. Other materials may be added to fiberboard during manufacture to improve certain properties.

Our Shingle backer fiber board Insulation panels are composed of interlocking cellulose fibers bonded together by heat, pressure and premium wax emulsion. This product conforms to all requirements of CAN / ULC-S706-09 and ASTM C208. The density of this material has been specified to provide an optimum combination of board strength and insulating value. Our products are produced and designed with consideration for environmental responsibility and sustainability, manufactured in facilities that comply with the most stringent government environmental regulations, and can therefore be a part of any “green” construction project.

Shingle backer  0.375” ( 3/8” ) Properties Test method Target Thickness ASTM C-209 0,375”(9,52 mm) Thickness tolerance ± 0,025”(0.64 mm) Dimensions* 4’ x 8’ (1.22 m x 2.44 m) Density ASTM D-1037 15,8 lbs/ft3 240 kg / m3 Transverse strength ASTM C-165 8 lbs perpendicular to surface 35 N Tensile strength, ASTM C-209 360 psi parallel to surface 2,5 MPa Water absorption ASTM C-209 7% Linear expansion ASTM D-1037 0,08% Compressive strength ASTM C-165 345 kPa (10% deformation) 50 psi Moisture content 7%

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